There's a later day train from Rome/Naples, and a sleeper from Milan at 2010 (21 hours to Palermo arr 1655). From Paris: 2.75 hours. There is also a night train from Rome to Siracusa which saves the cost of one hotel night. Arrive in Venice from Innsbruck (7hr 30min) on the BB Nightjet night train. Think $300 a day for lodging on average and about $150 for a dinner for 2 people. +39-089-258-2528 in Salerno, takes 9 hours and cost 20 per person (that's for a chair; Alternatively, Trenitalia Intercity operates a train from Palermo Centrale to Roma Termini once daily. Train tickets can cost as little as 4.60 Euros depending on the time of day you travel and if your tickets have been booked in advance. Rome (Italian and Latin: Roma), the 'Eternal City', is the capital and largest city of Italy and of the Lazio region. Answer 1 of 6: I have a wedding to attend in Rome, and wanted to take a week before hand to explore Sicily. Notes on my spending: The above numbers are for my expenses (not including Chads share of things) from December 8, 2016, to January 8, 2017. What companies run services between Sicily, Italy and Rome, Italy? Prego L O, blu-express, WindJet, and Alitalia fly from Rome Fiumicino to Catania and Palermo. You might be able to find prices as low as $ 26.83, but it all depends on how you travel. If you prefer train from Rome to Messina there are many leaving daily, costing about 40 one-way. Book now. The sleeping car ticket cost about 100 for two people from Rome to Catania. Germany-Italy. Journey time. Sicily. To understand just HOW CHEAP the train can be from mainland Italy to Sicily, I note a Trenitalia Super Economy fare for the daylight Intercity direct trains as low as 13.90 Euros from Naples to Taormina in mid-August. Again, it varies depending on the date of travel and the date of booking. Alitalia definitely does not have any low cost flights from Rome. 2 hours with about half a dozen direct departures each day. Sicily has 4 international and 2 national airports.The main airports are Palermo and Catania. 6 Sailings Weekly. Train travel in Italy is relatively easy, but may pose some challenges if you have never been to the country or if you are not used to this mode of transportation. Rome to Palermo. You can take a direct air-conditioned Intercity train to Sicily from Rome or Naples, or connect in these cities from across Italy. 2.2.4 Milan Linate Airport. Save. Honestly I'd fly this route if early in the morning or late at night to maximize time. Each of them carries several C4 Comfort couchette cars with 4-berth compartments and one sleeping car with 1-/2-/3-berth compartments. Trains for commuters leave every hour or so - more often during rush hours - and take about 80 minutes.

There are 2 ferry routes operating between Rome and Sicily offering you combined total of 6 sailings per week. They include the train ride from Rome to Taormina (about $22), but do not include the long plane journey from Vancouver to Rome or the two days we spent in Rome (stay tuned for a Rome budget to come). Fri, 04/30/2021 - 04:27. There is sleeping accommodation on the train but it's nowhere near luxury and I don't think there are any private toilet facilities. View Sicily ferry timetables and search for Sicily ferry offers! If youre planning to take a taxi from here, there is a supplement of 2 that will be added to the total fare at the end of your ride. I did find windjet and airone though. You might consider the night train on the return trip from Sicily to Naples or Rome. The train is scenic in various places, but it's also boring in many places. 19 hr 46 min. The price for tickets starts from 9 euro. The cheapest tickets we've found for trains from Rome to Milan are $47.76. $527* Updated: 2 hours ago *Fares displayed have been collected within the last 24hrs and may no longer be available at time of booking. The Palermo-Rome sleeper crosses the Straits of Messina by ferry in the evening. I am planning on doing this next Easter. The overnight trains have a variety of options including two berth sleeping compartments. I believe the tw And yes, to actually, finally answer the original question, the trains have 4-berth 'comfort' air-conditioned couchettes, and sleeping-cars with 1, 2 and 3 bed compartments with washbasin.You may find 'Excelsior' deluxe sleepers with private toilet and shower on the Rome-Catania-Siracuse route too.. The cost included a luxury Mercedes SUV, tour guides and entrance fees. +30 211 800 8990 +49 (0) 221 599 8899 5 +30 211 800 8990 +39 029 475 2147 +33 (0) 182 884 920 [email protected] English. The average travel time between Rome and Pisa is 2 hours 47 minutes. Deck class is only sold in summer. Travel with our FRECCE trains, at high speed, departing and arriving from the center of the main cities. Take the EuroNight train from Vienna to Milan (14hr), Venice (12hr) or Rome (14hr). 4. 2.2.1 Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino Airport. Sicily by train, Italy - Tickets & Travel Tips | ItaliaRail Think $150-200 a day for lodging on average and about $75 for a dinner for 2 people.

The regional trains are much slower (some take up to five hours and can involve a couple of changeovers), but only cost about $27. Buy the tickets online with our offers. Guests will travel in luxury through a leisurely-paced tour from Northern to Southern Italy, across 14 regions, and beyond including 3 international destinations from Rome to Paris, Istanbul and Split. New York to Catania flights from $378 pp. There are normally 20 trains per day traveling from Rome to Catania and tickets for this journey start from $21.51 when you book in advance. Within Sicily there are 1215 trains daily from Palermo (34.5 hr. Live la dolce vita on a glorious train ride across Italy, departing from Rome and arriving in Palermo, Sicilys grand coastal capital. Prices and availability are subject to change. The line also goes to Syracuse in southern Sicily in 11 hours. On average, there are 9 trains per day between these two cities. 20 trains per day. Those trains are slow and awful. There are 10 ways to get from Rome to Sicily by plane, train, bus, car, car ferry or night bus Tickets cost 45 - 65 and the journey takes 11h 45m. Travel by train to Naples (approximately 3 hours), a raucous city that overflows with passion, tradition and gastronomy. Useful Information: Barcelona to Rome Ferry. 2) Syracuse / Ortigia Island (3 days) Syracuse, located at 1-hour drive south of Catania is the 2nd stage of your one-week itinerary in Sicily.. Syracuse itself is a large modern city of little interest, so I recommend you find a much nicer and typical accommodation on Ortigia Island.. Some Intercity connections are available from Roma, Milano to Messina, the first Sicilian station. Compare fares and buy your ticket. The Civitavecchia Express will run until November 1, 2022 with two daily trains: the first train departs from Civitavecchia at 09.07 am and arrives in Roma Ostiense at 10.10 am;; the second train departs from Roma Ostiense at 4.30 pm and arrives in the harbor city at 5.20.; In both cases, the train only makes one intermediate stop at Roma San Travelling by train is fascinating . L. -C. F. S. R. One of the best and least expensive ways to get to Sicily from Rome is to book your flight with the low cost airline Blu Express. +44 (0) 203 807 0217 At the time of writing, a ticket for one month from the search date for one person cost about 83 for a ticket from Rome to Palermo, and around 90 for a ticket from Rome to Catania. Buying Italian train tickets in advance. Find the best bus to Sicily. Italian highspeed trains travel on dedicated tracks at well over 100 mph, so you are going to be able to get between major cities in less time than it takes to drive. The cheapest month to fly is January. Distance. Fly Rome (or Naples) to Catania or Palermo. OR 2) From Florence to Sicily (either Palermo or Catania) and then back to Rome. Moreover, you can travel by bus or by car. Trying to find decent flights from either 1) Rome (after we arrive from USA) to Sicily (Palermo or Catania) and then to Florence. The train takes you along the coastline for the first part of the journey so the scenery can be lovely. From Rome To Civitavecchia By Train. Buy the tickets online with our offers. How to Get from Rome to Sicily. The Orient Express La Dolce Vita routes will welcome passengers starting in 2023 with 6 trains and several iconic itineraries. 334 miles (537 km) Frequency. The non-stop Milan-Rome train, which takes roughly 3 hours and 10 minutes to make the distance between Milan and Rome train tickets should always be validated on the platform before getting onto the train. Flying is faster, but not necessarily cheaper. Cheap Flights from Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci Intl. and again across northern Sicily. Dec 9, You can ride as far afield as Naples, Rome, Florence, and Milan without changing trains. This is why we have created this ultimate guide to traveling by train in Italy, which you can also print out and carry with you during your trip as a reference. If you book 30 days in advance, tickets will cost around $135, while the price is around $108 if you book 7 days in advance. We speak your language! Day 1: Fly into Palermo, begin sightseeing there (sleep in Palermo) Day 2: Sightsee Palermo; side-trip to Monreale (sleep in Palermo) Day 3: Pick up car, visit Segesta en route to Trapani (sleep in Trapani) Day 4: Day-trip to Mozia and the salt flats, and up to Erice (sleep in Trapani)

Experience the unforgettable Rome to Sicily in Rome, Italy to , and work with a Virtuoso travel Advisor to receive exclusive perks. A train link from Naples takes 5 1/2 hours, costing 35. Etna, the timeworn streets of Syracuse, the Baroque wonders of Ragusa and the rich anti-mafia history of Palermo. The airports of Trapani and Comiso are on the smaller side and mainly served by low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet.. Call us locally: +44 (0) 203 807 0217 +49 (0) 221 599 889 96 +30 229 411 2100 +33 (0) 182 884 920 +39 029 475 2147 Germany-Italy. 2.2.3 Milan Malpensa International Airport. The cheapest way to buy tickets is direct The Italy by train itinerary involves four travel days in one country, so the best option is the One Country Italy pass for 4 travel days within 1 month. The driver Andrea and his staff are the absolute best, as were our tour guides Max (Rome) and Maryanna, (Pompeii). Driving between Rome and Florence takes close to four hours depending on traffic. FlixBus also services this route once daily. Arrive in Venice from Innsbruck (7hr 30min) on the BB Nightjet night train. The average travel time between Rome and Pisa is 2 hours 47 minutes. $522* Updated: 4 hours ago.